Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Families everywhere are calling for change - like the rustling of leaves, a variety of voices in various ways all calling for a return of brighter, more meaningful days. As more and more of us find ourselves living within an urban forest, a modern-day metropolis arisen from among the trees, a collective sigh can be heard as we emerge from the treetops, unfulfilled, a sigh echoed by the trees. Although presented a cornucopia of opportunities, urban dwelling families find themselves restlessly searching for that always illusive more, searching for fulfillment. Matthew has a plan, a way to by looking back at time memorialized, ‘the beauty beneath’, see a brilliant future written in the heart of each and every, family tree, and in turn the brighter days clearly ahead. His plan? “Nature! With A Future.

Since time immemorial, close bonds have existed between families and trees. And having grown from the same soil, the parallels which have been long observed and duly noted are voluminous. Trees, just like us, have a natural life-cycle which eventually includes death; they grow up, grow old, and just like us for a variety of reasons die. Most notable, and of relevance here, is the emptiness that each shares with the other, when unfulfilled. Equally true of both, we and trees, this shared void, the unsatisfied desire for fulfillment - that characteristic, self-evident hollowing that each and every one of us experiences, grows. The all-consuming desire for fulfillment - it clearly appears - is ingrained in both.

Today, privately owned, family trees, regardless of weddings, birthdays and unnumbered sunny-days celebrated in the shade of their noble boughs, are left to hollow. Unfulfilled, they empty themselves of the irreplaceable memories that are recorded within their hearts, until in the end, having been felled, they are burned, leaving their families with nothing more than dust as a reminder of the unfulfilled promise of days never ending. And sadly, this tragedy is commonly sanctioned by urban forestry departments everywhere. Matthew, desiring more, has envisioned something better, a fully-encompassing, “matchless” plan - an urban forest management plan whereby each family and their favored, family tree will find joint fulfillment.

Advocating family, Matthew proposes a change to “Private Tree” By-laws everywhere, by the addition of “Family Tree” provisions which will allow families to preserve only the most special of trees, those rooted in love, from certain ruin. Through the preservation of the unique family history that is contained in the heart of each family’s tree, the fallen, family friend, fulfilled, becomes a reincarnate treasure, preferably ‘furniture with heart’ (though we are wholly biased), to be shared with the generations to come. Encouraging thoughtful management of urban forests nationwide - promoting the judicious harvesting of mature, family trees, prior to degradation - Matthew’s plan calls for awareness of both the communal beauty and heirloom value of urban tree canopies. Healthy, sustainable, urban forests attained through “Family Tree” harvesting and replanting programs, effectively thereby growing a deep-rooted sense of community, beginning with our very own, truly fair "City of Trees".

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that your concept is a great one, and that "Sound Design" will definitely be a big success.

I appreciate that Sound Design is not just for tree-to-furniture clients. Your showroom furniture and custom-build work, is great for those of us without a tree in our front yard.

As someone who has looked into your shop window, I would say:
1. Great furniture concepts;
2. Really good choices of wood - local & exotic;
3. Solid & well built;
4. Priced well for quality.