Friday, April 6, 2007

THE BEGINNING: 'Our Secret' Is In Your Tree

In the past, a tree possessing a unique rendering of its family's history would eventually meet a fruitless end as firewood. We take a tree with a past and give it a future, as furniture - 'the final fruit of the family tree'.

We believe that there is no greater way to assure ourselves of success as a furniture manufacturer than to infuse into handmade, heirloom-quality furniture the added value of "sentiment" [i.e., we make "your" furniture from "your" tree]. We take the one living record of your family's shared life, the family tree, and reveal the beauty beneath as we transform it into a number of beautiful, handcrafted pieces, together forming your family's collection - homegrown, thoughtfully processed, handmade furniture. That is why we say that your family's story is our secret ingredient, and how we plan to make our good furniture perfect. "Hand-Crafted, Heart-Felt."

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Larry Lehmer said...

This is great stuff that you guys are doing. I just posted an item about you at Good luck with your future endeavors.